Medical Doodles

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  • Funda Portatil Dibujos MedicosFunda Dibujos Medicos Personalizada
    45,00  FREE shipping!

    Laptop sleeve with Medical Doodles Pattern

    Take your passion for medicine everywhere with our exclusive laptop sleeve! Specially designed for nurses, doctors, and any healthcare professional or student, this sleeve not only protects your device but also displays your dedication and love for your profession.

  • Cuaderno Dibujos MedicoNurse Doctor Doodles Notebook

    Notebook with Medical stuff Doodles

    Are you looking for a notebook with medical-themed cover featuring doctors, nurses, and healthcare stuff? This notebook is perfect whether you are a healthcare professional, doctor, nurse, technician, etc., or if you want a notebook to keep track of your medical matters.

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  • Bolso Tote Dibujos MedicosTote Enfermera Medico
    29,95  FREE shipping!

    Tote Bag with Fun Medical Staff Doodles

    Our tote bag is perfect for nurses, doctors, and medical personnel as it combines practicality and comfort with a fun touch of hand-drawn illustrations.

    This bag not only allows you to carry everything you need for your long shifts and on-call hours, but it also adds a cheerful touch to your look with its amusing hand-drawn designs.

    This is a durable tote with a very soft feel and double cotton handles for comfortable shoulder carrying. It can hold your laptop, tablet, or essential personal items, as it can carry up to 20 kilograms of weight.

  • Taza Dibujos MédicoNurse Medical Mug
    24,95  FREE shipping!

    Fun Mug for healthcare professionals – perfect gift

    Add a touch of joy to your mornings or work breaks with our exclusive mug designed especially for nurses, doctors, and all healthcare professionals! Featuring hand-drawn, fun illustrations, this mug is not only a vessel for your favorite beverage but also a dose of humor to accompany you on your most intense workdays.